For the Kids

What Christmas is all about 

Family Christmas memories are about happy children, counting down the advent calendar, writing a list, excited about Father Christmas, and tearing every shred of paper of those gifts you packed with painstaking care. What's cool this year? Well check out the latest things from Santa's sack below.

(link to page of advent calendars)

Little Ones
(Link to page of toys and learning agents for kids 0-3)

6 going on 16
(link to page of toys and leaning agents for pre teenagers)

13 going on 30
(link to page of gifts for teenagers)

Stocking Fillers
(link to page of small trinkets and gadgets)

Music and DVD
(link to page of the latest releases and pre-releases)

The Book-Worm
(link to page of books, highlighting the Kindle Fire)

The Gamer
(link to page of games consoles and games, highlighting Wii-U)

The Student
(link to a page with student offers, from tins of beans to the macbook air)

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