Gifts for Him


We all know that the men in or lives are often most difficult to buy for.  Slippers, golf trinkets, socks, tie racks, he's had them all before - and he didn't thank you for them then.  What to get? Well check out the latest things from Santa's sack below.

Stocking Fillers
(link to page of small trinkets and gadgets)

Music and DVD
(link to page of the latest releases and pre-releases)

The Book-Worm
(link to page of books, highlighting the Kindle Fire)

For BIG kids
(link to page of games consoles and games, highlighting Wii-U)

For Dad/Grandad
(link to the standard Christmas trinkets for Dads and Grandads everywhere)

The Big Spender
(link to the latest 3D TV and HD sound systems, Blueray players etc)

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